[PLUG] Airtel router issue

Sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 00:59:22 IST 2011


> We've worked almost all the major ISP's in the city, and this has been our
> experience:
> airtel => for home users, generally don't give public ip on the router. on
> top of it, they cut down the speed to 256 kbps if your bandwidth crosses
> certain limit which is pathetic.
> reliance => they have a very bad authentication stuff. we need to enter a
> username & password before in the browser, before we can access the net. if
> we put that on lan and want to share that connection, you'll never know
> where that login screen will creep in. and if you just escape it, then it's
> a pain to get to working again.
> hathway=> binds the mac address to the connection. and takes a lot of time
> to renew or change it, when needed.
> tata & bsnl => have been the smoothest so far, without much of hassle, from
> a configuration and settings point of view. Regarding availability etc
> depends upon location.

I am using BSNL Dataone currently at home. This is my 4th ISP as of now.
>From my home experience and also from the configurations/experiences
at some customers, I can
surely say that all ISPs are equally bad. :-)
Almost all of them do not understand Linux. Support guys are useless.
Self help (and/or asking on such mailing list) is the best way to
resolve the problems.

As Arun said, if you can give some more details, people will be able
to help out more.

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