[PLUG] ITR filing w/o proprietary s/w

jayant ogale jaogale at yahoo.co.in
Mon Aug 29 23:25:21 IST 2011

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 11:33:59PM +0530, jayant ogale wrote:
> my openion is:- the solution to this problem is to file a writ petition in the public interest not only for IT returns but for all the govt. documents. court should make it compulsary foss compatibility , for all govt. sites. for that matter, if any of us is an advocate or any active advocate on the side of foss, should come forward and we will support him.
> jayant

Legal procedures require time and money. Advocates are unlikely to work
for free - unless some fresh law graduates want to grab this opportunity
for exposure or unless an advocate is a FOSS enthusiast/close kin of one

While above option is open, I'd still invite technical suggestions on
feasibility to extract the computational and validation rules embedded in
those Excels to help write utilities of our own - or at least manually
apply them and create the xmls.

My knowledge of MS Excel is virtually 0 and is likely to be so with many
members on this list - by very nature of the list. Still if someone has
any ideas on this, please do share.


one of my learned friend told me that we can take this issue to consumer forum as well. this is against MRTP act. and we being a consumer, we have a right to approch the forum. this will be less expensive as well as less time consuming. so any of the forum member is having a procedural experience about consumer forum, please take over.

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