[PLUG] [HIRING] Application support person (Linux)

Krishnan M kmlist at yahoo.in
Mon Feb 21 19:16:45 IST 2011


I am posting this on behalf of the Technology Solutions Group at Intellecap (http://www.intellecap.com)

We've created and released an open-source MIS for microfinance called Mostfit and we host and support it for customers on servers on the Internet. The application is in Ruby, uses Rails and MySQL, and runs on any Linux. 

We are hiring people with some experience and ability in the use of Linux, and any database. Some knowledge of any programming language/environment is a plus. Customers use an issue tracking system and log requests. You respond, analyze, and attend to these on your own time by working with the application and its data. 

There is zero telephonic communication. Positions are based in Pune. Freshers are also welcome

Note that the job does not need or train you on core system administration or networking.

Please write to jobs at intellecap.com and mention "Mostfit- Support" in the subject line. Cc krishnan.mani at intellecap.com

krishnan mani
Ph: +91 98 500 540 37

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