[PLUG] GUI working but no Login screen to login into desktopn

Dnyanraj Mali dnyanraj.mali at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 16:28:18 IST 2011

Hello All,

I am facing login problem with ubuntu 10.04. I can login into my system from
terminal. If i go to runlevel 5 then i can see the ubuntu scree, mouse is
moving.. but no login screen to log into the system.

I have tried doing following things from tty1:

   1. sudo apt-get install gdm
   2. sudo dpkg --reconfigure gdm
   3. sudo service gdm restart
   4. there is enough space for '/' and /home folder
   5. checked dmesage and other log files, nothing unusual found
   6. startx takes me  to same screen but cannot get login screen
   7. all netwrok services are working
   8. tried sudo apt-get install gnome-session

Am I left with any other checks? please help.. Its urgent



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