[PLUG] [Commercial] Looking for maintenance support for a Dental Clinic

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Mon Jan 31 17:55:42 IST 2011

An acquaintance of mine is assessing use of Linux / OSS in a dental

The setup currently is totally Windows based and they are running into a
number of problems, particularly unbearable slowness, viruses etc.

They would like to figure out what benefits switching to Linux may offer
on their setup.

There is no technical knowhow available with the staff. So they would
expect a regular support.

If anyone knows someone who can provide such service on commercial basis,
please contact me off the list.

Technically, there are challenges like interfacing X ray machines that
come with Windows-only driver etc. (But they may keep a Windows machine
for that purpose if there is no solution to this problem.)


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