[PLUG] Anyone using / can advise on FreeBSD/NetBSD?

Shridhar Daithankar ghodechhap at ghodechhap.net
Fri Jul 15 23:43:44 IST 2011

On Friday 15 Jul 2011 6:50:40 PM Mayuresh wrote:
> File system support:
> 	I wanted home directory to be same on all 3 distros. It was on ext3 to
> start with. Neither of the BSDs had an ext3 driver. ext2 driver worked
> fine on FreeBSD, though NetBSD showed very strange errors and could not
> identify some of the ext3 partitions. Incidentally, Someone from NetBSD
> mailing list advised against using ext2 driver for ext3 system as it may
> cause problems.

ext4 is far better than ext3 and btrfs is comparable and has interesting 
performance characteristics.

I know you were shooting for a common denominator but ext4 is a lot better 
choice these days.

And since you are dabbling, can you try pc-bsd? is it the fedora of BSD world? 
I want to try it but don't have much time of that.


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