[PLUG] Anyone using Digital Signature on Linux?

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Tue Jul 26 09:29:34 IST 2011

Most DSC vendors have instructions tailored for MSIE and aren't sure about
"support" on Linux.

Has anyone tried digital signatures on Linux or knows some of these

1. Enrollment process: When you enroll for a DSC, till you download your
certificate from your DSC vendor's site, it is advised that you do not
upgrade your OS or touch your installation in any way. I think this is
because the key pair that was generated should not change. But where does
this key reside anyway till I download a DSC anyway? I checked "my
certificates" etc. in firefox and there is nothing over there though I
could successfully enroll.

2. There is this "USB Token" thingy that is supposed to store your DSC on
an encrypted drive. It appears MSIE has something by which it
automatically recognizes such drive and uses your signature. Do these USB
tokens work on Linux. (I got contact address of the token vendor from a
DSC vendor. I am checking with them as well.) (I don't necessarily need
the convenience of storing etc. Point is few applications that support
DSC, support it it in a "USB token" form directly.)

3. What is a pfx file - particularly, does it contain the private key as
well? When you file IT returns with DSC, it asks you to upload pfx file.
Why should an app ask you to load a file that includes a private key?

4. On Linux, are there ways to sign a pdf document digitally -
particularly one generated with latex?

A general remark: DSCs do not appear very cost effective in India as yet.
A common application is to use it for ITR filing. There aren't yet too
many places where DSC is accepted. If anyone knows any other applications,
please do post.


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