[PLUG] Indian UID, Aadhar Project Is A Proprietary, Non Open Source Project?

Swapnil Bhartiya swapnil.bhartiya at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 15:16:13 IST 2011


I worked on the story and found oss is only a smoke screen. The entire 
UID project seems to be a pure Microsoft stack.

This document provides step-by-step instructions to install the AADHAAR 
Enrolment Client and Biometric components needed for Biometrics 
capturing. The document is not intended to be a user manual for the 
AADHAAR Enrolment Client. The application has been built to work with 
the given pre-requisites.

1.1 Installation Pre-requisites
• Operating System: Windows XP SP3 OR Windows 7 (only 32-bit editions)
• Windows Installer 4.5
• Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express
• Aadhaar QSS SDK Setup
• Vendor Device Manager

You can see how the UID project has made Microsoft technologies 
mandatory. You can't use it without Microsoft. There is no mention of 
Linux in this important document.

That clearly states that other than the already popular and powerful 
open source technologies such as Apache and MySQL rest of the stack is 
proprietary. Calling UID/Aadhar and Open Source project is like calling 
a Tata tractor a Mercedes just because one of its four tyres is a 
Mercedes tyre.

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