[PLUG] Is Occupy Wall St. really an "open source protest?"

Praveen A pravi.a at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 16:04:31 IST 2011

If you do a google search of "Occupy Wall St."+"open source," you'll
find a lot of interesting reading. While there is some discussion of
the technology and techniques used by the protestors, there is far
more philosophizing about the open, leaderless, amorphous nature of
the protests and the "forks and innovations" that the movement counts
on for momentum.

More than one blogger refers to the movement as an "open source
protest" because like open source software, "[It] has no defined
“message.” It’s just an amalgam of ideas from everyone who’s willing
to contribute."

What do you think?


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You have to keep reminding your government that you don't get your
rights from them; you give them permission to rule, only so long as
they follow the rules: laws and constitution.

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