[PLUG] sendmail

M.K.Pai madhavprasad.pai at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 11:57:44 IST 2011


> Would you explain why you picked sendmail?

And why not ? Why the pejorative attitude towards sendmail ?

Sendmail is actually easy to understand for a lot of applications.

I'll illustrate with example applications on which I have actually
made money when I was younger. These applications were easier to do
with sendmail, and I don't think things have changed much since.

a. A company wishes to send email via multiple dial-up connections, of
which only one is active at a time. To save on telephone expenses, the
dial-out is done once an hour. So the outgoing mail has to be frozen
into two separate queues only one of which is to be flushed at a time.

b. A company wishes to monitor outgoing mail. So the queue has to be
frozen and flushed on an approval basis. And a web interface has to be
provided to show the queue contents.

No offence meant, of course :)

-- "Saint" Pai

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