[PLUG] offline quillpad?

Mandar Vaze / मंदार वझे mandarvaze at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 11:35:50 IST 2011


Didn't ibus work for you? Have a look here.  http://is.gd/eCJkPh

>> I'm looking for modified/fixed instructions like these
> >> http://www.marathimandali.com/?p=367 , but these don't work for Ubuntu
> >> 11.04

The link I've given has similar instructions to one you have given. Both use
But .... both instructions are for ubuntu 10.10, I want to use it with 11.04

I'm stating my main problem again i.e. There seems to chicken and egg
problem when trying to install marathi language.
One says "Already installed" other can't find it. Please read details below.

> >> but I do not get "marathi" in the "Add language" option. All I
> >> get is chinese.
> >>
> >> When I try to install "marathi" via Language Support, I get message
> >> "Package already installed"
> >>
> >> Any ideas how I should troubleshoot this ?

I'm looking for help in getting "marathi" installed properly, so that iBus
setup can find it.


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