[PLUG] SOLVED : Devnagari on Ubuntu 11.04 (Was Re: offline quillpad?)

Mandar Vaze / मंदार वझे mandarvaze at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 17:03:46 IST 2011

> I have following packages installed.

> ibus-m17n libm17n-0 m17n-contrib m17n-db
> ttf-devanagari-fonts

installing these did the trick.
I also installed the fonts, but possibly not needed.
Since the keymap file starts with "hi" - it appears under Hindi (expected)
but not under marathi (expected ???)
It used to work on 10.10 though.

I created a copy of baraha file as ma-baraha.mim, but that didn't help

Anyway, I can now type in devnagari by selecting hindi (instead of marathi
as I wanted)

Problem (kinda) solved.

Thanks !!!!


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