[PLUG] [diaspune] "Debian Packagin session" (rubygems translation) at VIT, Pune

Praveen A pravi.a at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 13:39:36 IST 2011

2011/9/21 Praveen A <pravi.a at gmail.com>:
> We are planning to keep a Debian Packaging  session at VIT this Sunday (25th
> September) 11:00 am onwards.

A long overdue update, I thought some of the participants will send an
update :( Saket, Adwait, Kumar and Amit if you are reading this, I
still hope to see your blogs :)

> 1. We have to use new and easy gem2deb tool to package ruby gems which
> are packaged using old cdbs tool.
> 2. We have to add a few lines to debian/control to mention we are
> renaming the package to fit new policy.
> 3. Make sure all tests run properly - which can be quite exciting if
> you are lucky!
> It just takes only one command to make a deb from a gem file, but real
> fun starts after that!
> There is a nice graph which shows current status of the transition
> http://pkg-ruby-extras.alioth.debian.org/wheezy/ we have to move about
> 484 packages before wheezy release.
> We will use http://piratepad.net/tu0H1eU2vH to coordinate.

Since 4 out of 7 people turned up were newbies, we did not start ruby
transitions. We discussed basics of public key cryptography, key
signing parties, web of trust and how debian uses gpg keys.

I had a very interesting discussion with the 4 newbies and we
discussed how software installation works in various operating
systems, dependencies, repositories/android market, contents inside a
deb file, steps of a deb package installation, unix file system
hierarchy etc.

We decided to continue it online and we have planned our next session
this Saturday (1st October) 8 pm at #debian-in-mentors on oftc. So if
you missed last session, you can join in. As always we care about
newbies and we will have separate sessions for them.

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