[PLUG] [ talk ] [ discussion ] GNU/Linux Kernel - Internals - Anyone Interested?

Sunil Beta Baskar betasam at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 07:47:52 IST 2012

After Neepen's talk I found that there is quite a lot of interest in
knowing GNU/Linux Kernel Internals (Kernel internals, device drivers,
design strategy, guidelines ...)

I know a bit about how kernel design has been transforming from 2.4 to
3.5 and further.
I can share this in a talk, keeping things simple to start with -
giving everyone an overview of the subsystems and their current
I have some prior work I can re-use (all Open/Shared).

If anyone is interested in both sides (sharing with others, or
learning [ I would like to understand a few pieces too ] ) do share
what you would like to learn.

Hoping to hear everyone's thoughts on this,
sunilbetabaskar dot com slash contact dot html will show you I am not paranoid.

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