[PLUG] PLUG meeting for month of September 2012 is scheduled on Saturday 1st Sept. 5:00 pm @ SICSR

Manjusha Joshi manjusha.joshi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 21:12:48 IST 2012


PLUG meeting for month of September will be held on 1st September,
coming Saturday at 5.00pm @SICSR.

These are the details:
Location: SICSR, Atur Centre, Model Colony, Pune
Room No. 704, 7th floor
(room no. may change,  floor will be same. Please use lift at canteen side )
Time: 5:00 pm

Tentative Agenda:

1.   There will be  introductory generic talk  by  Ramakrishna Reddy  on

                  "Solving the Big Data problem"

 He will  give a brief overview of the different big data problem, and
how different
open source projects are helping people to solve this problem.
Topic :: Solving the Big Data Problem and Python
Pre Requisites :: Basic python will help, but not necessary,
Software :: GNU/Linux laptop, with python 2.7. Install IPython,
Matplotlib and NumPy
Duration :: 45 Minutes

Abstract ::
This is a very generic talk targeted at students, who want to learn
about  Big Data, Data Analysis and Processing.
The talk intends to introduce tools and summarise various open source
projects which are trying to solve different data problems. He will be
using python to show a few examples, will introduce a few must know
algorithms and touch upon the concepts from a few papers in
distributed computing which students need to be aware about.

    o Introduction to Big Data.
    o Hardware scenario
    o IPython
    o Matplotlib
    o Numpy
    o Brewer's theorem (CAP theory )
    o Map Reduce ( Hadoop, HDFS)

2.  Open discussion and QA session.

All are welcome to attend the meeting.
See you there.


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