[PLUG] Accessing /home partition of old MandrivaLinux from Mint12

Kaustubh Gadkari kaustubh.gadkari at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 02:52:19 IST 2012

> >> (I tried opening that folder with sudo.. but that did not help..)
> >
> > replace the angle brackets and content inside that properly, as needed.
> Wondering why opening with 'sudo' did not work.
If the OP tried to cd with sudo, then I can see that not working - it's
never worked for me. I presume that cd doesn't work with sudo is because cd
is a shell built-in and not a binary. That's why "sudo ls /some/path" works
and "sudo cd /some/path" doesn't.


Kaustubh Gadkari

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