[PLUG] [info][form] GNU/Linux/kernel presentations - Interested?

Sunil Beta Baskar betasam at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 05:34:41 IST 2012

I have earlier suggested a series of presentations on building the
GNU/Linux kernel and going forward to understand it.

A lot of people evinced interest, so I'd like to know who'd really want to
attend. The first would be first-week December 2012.

is the link for a google form meant to ease people enrolling.
The form is for logistics, just to make sure I can find the appropriate
venue, time-slot, day-of-week (which you get to choose.) The form is hosted
on google/docs, when you find time just fill in. I'll close this form on
27-Nov-2012 (a week from now, just to make it easier to work out
logistics.) I'm sure that's plenty of time.

I have gotten my presentation/walk-through ready.

The sessions planned insofar are:
1. Building "linux" (multiple kernels)
2. An Introduction to Kernel Architecture and Device Driver Model
3. Let's build a Device Driver [Workshop]
4. The "linux" kernel boot-up and the scheduler core
5. Memory Management in "linux"
6. Debugging and Profiling "linux"

I do need help, volunteers and people who understand the kernel in a
different perspective than mine. (You can volunteer on the form.) The above
outline is listed in the form too.

You'll need to choose when you'd prefer to have it and where you find it
convenient. If you have suggestions for the form, please send an email to
me at betasam [at] gmail --

Cheers and Regards,

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