[PLUG] Cheese not working

Sunil Beta Baskar betasam at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 13:27:42 IST 2012

On 9 September 2012 10:58, Arun Khan <knura9 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 9:40 AM, Sudheer Bedekar :
>> I use RV 508 Samsung laptop. Webcam in it is WEBCAM SCB-0355N. I want
>> to use it for taking photo's and video. I installed Cheese and all
>> related packages. I also installed vlc and mplayer because I heard
>> this will solve the problem. Cheese still does not work. There is only
>> a black screen, all buttons are greyed out. Can someone help me ? I am
>> only a FOSS user, not a techie.
> ** Don't reveal phone numbers et al on a public archived mailing list **
> You should also mention which Linux distro + Version + 32/64 bit etc.
> The kernel probes the hardware in the system and ** automatically
> loads the kernel driver module if it exists **
> Most likely the Linux kernel does not have the kernel module for your
> webcam chipset.
> The output of 'lspci' and 'lsmod' should give us further clue about
> your hardware.
> lspci lists all the devices on the PCI bus.
> lsmod lists all the kernel modules loaded in the kernel.
> Share the out put of above in the list.

Most Laptops use USB for their in-built camera. This is a hardware
convenience standard.

To best detect your camera, please run the following terminal commands
and post the output to the list.

(Most ubuntu installations come with lshw installed by default, so
this should provide all details necessary.)
$ sudo lshw

(For convenience, you can also run) and post the relevant output.
$ sudo usb-devices

This should list your camera as an 'Image Processing Device' or 'Image
Processor' on USB with the BUS-Id, Vendor-Id accurately identifying
all details.

Also as Arun has advised, please include the output of
$ lsmod

If you could not run 'lshw' for some reason, please ensure that you
provide kernel information by capturing the output of:
$ uname -a

This will make it possible to provide better help in the context.


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