[PLUG] Need volunteers for GNU/Linux installation at Hutatma Rajguru School in Pandav Nagar (near SICSR)

Praveen A pravi.a at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 11:17:20 IST 2012


We are planning to teach Free Software to students of Hutatma Rajguru
School in Pandav Nagar (near SICSR). They have agreed to let us
install GNU/Linux on their lab systems. We are going to install
GNU/Linux on 29th September. We'll also be teaching them Free Software
every Saturday. if you would like to help us during installation or
for teaching part reply here or contact me or shirish off list.

More details about this project is at
This is inspired by Community Computing Center run by Free Software
Movement Karnataka (http://bangalore.aidindia.org/ac3) in Bangalore
and initiated by Pirate Party of India (http://pirateparty.org.in).

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