[PLUG] GStreamer on Android

yusuf husainy yusuf.husainy at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 15:29:23 IST 2013

Hello All,

I am new to this list. I have done my CDAC course in Embedded Systems
Design which had a course on Linux Device Drivers.

I have some experience with the GStreamer framework on Desktop and Android.

As far as I know, no media player is available based on GStreamer for
Android. I would like to start developing one media plauer app for this. I
do no have much experience on Java coding for Android, but, by virtue of
the work I have done, I have coded using JNI(Java NAtive INterface), to
implement some basic GStreamer pipelines on ANdroid.

I would like to implement a full-fledged media player for this.

I have good(not deep) knowledge of GStreamer and would like to start this
project idea.

I appreciate anyone's views, comments, suggestions, or even full dev
support on this(I am not that good at Java, but strong in C, hence I can
handle the JNI part quite comfortably).

my mail id: yusuf.husainy at gmail.com



*---Yusuf Husainy| B.E. (Electronics and Telecommunication)| +919890910252|

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