[PLUG] mailing list issues

jayant ogale jaogale at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jan 4 19:26:47 IST 2013

Apart from a very few people on the list who are raising questions
about the mailing list, I have not come across anyone who is raising
the issue.

Well, it is upto the mailing list members to decide how the list
should work. If majority feels that it should be more open, let it be.
If all the filters and moderation bits are removed and the list
becomes completely open, I will be the
 happiest person as I will not
have to take any blames/bashing from anyone for things that I never
did, and/or was nowhere related to the activities. I have been facing
that blaming/bashing for more than 10 years now so as to keep the
integrity, confidentiality of the things.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year.

as i have already said, this is an issue of "swatantra" and "swairachar".
one has to draw a line between, and the moderater does the same.
 is like a head of the joint family [probably a very big joint family]. 
every family member has a right to put is opinion, debate on it 
politely, but the ultimate decision is of the family head.
asking for freedom without any strings [or in your language ,openness] leads to a keos.
 the women ask for the unlimited freedom of dressing, movement etc. the 
men will ask their freedom for harrasment [you know what i mean].

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