[PLUG] [Android] PDF reader that lets you flip screen (not page)

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sun Jan 20 13:23:27 IST 2013

Have tough time getting a good PDF reader that meets the following

I want to read without having to scroll the page manually. For long hours
of reading scrolling can be very painful to the eyes. Almost all readers
have a flip page function, by touching at the bottom left/right of the
page. But most of them (barring one, see below) flip a print-page and not
a screen-page. In short I am looking for PageDown functionality with
simple touch.

Options already evaluated:

Adobe acrobat:

- Text reflow, kind of achieves it, though most pdf documents are not
  reflow friendly and many of them look awful with reflow.
- Continuous view (instead of page view) is an option, but on flipping
  page it looses zoom level which is very annoying.


- Very good reader. But flips the entire page. No option to flip screen.

PDF Reader (well, that's its name):

- Precisely has the option I am looking for. It lets you decide between
  Page/Screen setting when flipping. But this is not stable. Crashes often
  and overall look is untidy. Free version shows maximum 13 pages. Haven't
  tried paid version.

Moon, FBReader, Amazon kindle: Do not support PDF. Moon's paid version
supports PDF, but the feature I am looking for is not mentioned. So not
sure whether to buy.

There is a bunch of a few more readers on Google Play. Tired of trying out
and unsure of the outcomes.

There are roundabout options like converting pdf to ebook format etc. I am
not very keen as it's not very convenient to do so on every pdf. I've not
tried such things either and don't know how well they work.


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