[PLUG] [kernel talk] [003/006] Building our USB Driver Key

Sunil Beta Baskar betasam at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 11:27:25 IST 2013

Hi Everyone on this list,

We will be using a USB Storage device (preferably) and altering a
driver to add an addition "sysctl" layer to it to enable USB storage
device classes and an optional clear-text secure password to allow the

This exercise will essentially involve building a driver live and you
would have to bring your laptops and your own USB storage devices.

Talk Date: 12-01-2013
Talk Venue: Center for Modeling and Simulation, University of Pune, Pune

Map (Driving Directions)
[courtesy: Shyam]

This should happen as planned and you may want to have some prior
programming experience, a 'hello world' may not be sufficient, a
quick-sort  or equal complexity algorithm in any programming language
and knowing the syntax of 'C' should help.

Cheers and Regards,
Sunil Beta

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