[PLUG] Proposal for change from the current state of the list.

Praveen A pravi.a at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 19:35:05 IST 2013

2013/1/23 Sudhanwa Jogalekar <sudhanwa.com at gmail.com>:
> Dear Pluggies,
> We are all aware of the mailing list issues and various threads about the same.
> After going through them and considering list-members reactions, there
> were lot of discussions off-list with moderators and many others about
> the issues. Finally, the time has come to change things.

Good to hear this proposed change.

> This is the proposal for change from the current state of the list.
> Please do send your comments, suggestions.
> 1. All the users moderation flag (that is currently set) to be
> removed.


> Any new member joining the list will not get a moderation
> flag set.

If we really don't want to moderate new users, there should be a good
spam filter, otherwise we'll be flooded with spam like people earlier

> 2. All the current filters to be removed and started from scratch. Let
> us use the list of filters from Arun Khan's mail to start of the new
> filters list.
> 3. Any change (add/delete/modify) of filter and add/remove moderation
> flag for a list member and removing of any list member is to be done
> by voting. 15 votes in favour of the proposal required for approval.
> (eg. 20 votes in favour and 5 negative votes is OK)

I don't think this is a good idea. In my opinion, only spam needs to
be prevented. If people don't want to see mails from certain persons
(not spam bots), it is better they set their own personal filters.

> 4. There will be moderator/s but they will act only once in a week.
> This is considering that there will be hardly anything in moderation
> and
> there will be less filters applicable. Moderators identities will not
> be disclosed.

Like someone earlier proposed, more moderators and best effort would
be better I think.

> 5. It is the responsibility of the list members to maintain the list
> active, vibrant and useful. If they feel that some member or post (top
> posting to be allowed or not?) is not appropriate, they should propose
> action against it and that will also be passed through voting.

Like proposed above, unless it is obvious spam, we should discuss it
with the person posting and if they continues and no one supports that
person then only he be moderated. Even if one other person thinks the
mail is on topic, individual filters by offended members may be better
than moderating.

> 6. Considering the above, it will be decided on the list itself if the
> list is to be declared moderated or un-moderated.
> 7. All these decisions will be posted on the PLUG website and will be
> updated according to the decisions on the list.


> RFC remains open till 31 Jan 2013, during which all the initial
> filters, moderation methods etc will be crystalised.
> After that, from Feb 1, 2013, the decisions will be implemented.
> Please start different thread for suggesting/approving/voting for
> filters or other actions. Currently, all these postings will also
> undergo current filter rules and moderation. Moderators will ensure
> that there is minimal delay in responding to these mails.
> Please comment/suggest on these points and/or any other things if you
> have in mind.
> Thanks and regards,
> --Sudhanwa Jogalekar
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