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Shahid Farooqui shahidfarooqui at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 11:46:09 IST 2013


Google Developer Group, DA-IICT and the renowned International KDE
Community are glad to announce "KDE Meetup 2013".  This two day
conference scheduled in February will bring together Qt Developers,
KDE contributors, open source enthusiasts and users from all across
the nation. The meetup will give you the opportunity to learn, share,
contribute, innovate and create limitless possibilities by using most
emerging technologies.

 KDE Meetup is the first large scale open source conference to be held
in Gujarat and the largest KDE/Qt event in India since conf.kde.in in
2011. This meetup is an excellent platform for you to learn about FOSS
and start contributing to it. The participants will experience the KDE
world, understanding the latest developments happening in it. The
Talks, Tutorials, Interactive Sessions, Coding Jams will lay your
foundations to become a part of KDE community and even participate in
programs like Google Summer of Code and Season of KDE. Last year, KDE
was biggest participating organizing in GSoC with selection of 60
students.The sessions will range from the beginner to advanced level,
to facilitate all kinds of participants.

This meetup will prove to be of immense importance to anyone who is
starting or contributing to the developer's world using Qt (Desktop,
Mobile or Embedded Applications). Teachers and trainers, will also
benefit from this event by gaining knowledge about the latest Qt and
KDE based FOSS technologies and using them in their day to day lives.
The conference will be headlined by four

keynote speakers combined with some hands on experience with
contributing to KDE. The meetup is primarily designed to bring the
research and developmental interests of people in open source to the
forefront. KDE Meetup will result in networking, mentoring, and
increasing the visibility for KDE contributors.

Date & Venue

Venue:   Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication
Technology, Gandhinagar

Date:      23rd - 24th Feb, 2013

The registrations for the conference are now open. Please register
yourself on http://www.gdgdaiict.com/kdemeetup/

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