[PLUG] 3g Wifi router tuning

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Thu Jun 27 22:36:35 IST 2013

I am having difficulty dealing with packet loss with Lava W150 router.

The issue is fairly random. Packet loss of anywhere between 15 to 50% is

Tried changing the channel and security settings, which did not help.

External connection is not in picture. (Even tried removing the USB modem

Distance is not an issue. Router is just next to the laptop.

Seek suggestions on whether tuning of following parameters could help
reduce the loss:

Following settings are at their default levels shown in the brackets:

Beacon Interval 	ms (range 20 - 999, default 100)
Data Beacon Rate (DTIM) 	ms (range 1 - 255, default 1)
Fragment Threshold 	(range 256 - 2346, default 2346)
RTS Threshold 	(range 1 - 2347, default 2347)
TX Power 	(range 1 - 100, default 100)

Following are currently disabled:

Short Preamble 	Enable Disable
Short Slot 	Enable Disable
Tx Burst 	Enable Disable
Pkt_Aggregate 	Enable Disable
IEEE 802.11H Support 	Enable Disable(only in A band)


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