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Sat Mar 9 00:30:26 IST 2013

On 05-Mar-2013, at 5:11 PM, Arun Tomar wrote:

> Tata communications : (384 kbps) using it for the past 5+ years. good connection.
> Ony problem is that they have some device called DSLAM installed on the top of the building, and it goes down during power cuts in the area, as the battery backup is very less, resulting in downtime. or if some other area on the supply chain is facing issue, then also you might face downtime. FUP is applicable, but they don't cut the speed. they'll call to upgrade the plan though.

They have by far the worst customer support I have come across for any ISP. Actually they have the worst customer support I have ever come across. They will do anything they can to resolve and close you ticket within 48 hours. Please note, I did not say they will solve your problem. But they will definitely close your ticket.

> 4. Airtel: haven't used personally, as they don't provide service at my location.  I've heard that it hardly goes down. But the FUP is pathetic. they'll cut down the bandwidth to 128 kbps after FUP no matter what your plan is.

Along with BSNL, they have the most reliable connection I have come across. Their tech support people actually understand enough networking that I could have a conversation with them about my router config without feeling the urge to bang my head against the wall. I quite satisfied Airtel broadband.


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