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Could be of interest to some pluggies!!

- Sudhanwa

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hi all,
you might be aware (thru earlier mails sent by Ramadoss) that Anna
University is offering M.Sc. (CS-FOSS) 4-semester programme thru distance
education mode.
The lectures are delivered in online mode on saturdays/sundays and the
programme is coordinated through AU-KBC Research Centre, MIT Campus,
Chromepet, Anna University Chennai.

You can get details about the course curriculum at the "M.Sc. (CS-FOSS)"
links the following url : http://au-kbc.org/

Primary Target group : working/non-working persons who have completed B.Sc.
Maths/Physics/Comp Science. (though B.E. students have also joined the

Course duration : at least 4 semesters, but the students (especially the
working persons) are advised to not to take the full load of 5 subjects per
semester, but spread it over 6 plus semesters.

So far about 100 plus students have registered and attended two batches of
this programme. The third batch is about to begin by end April 2013 and the
registration is likely to close by 2nd week of April.

I would appreciate if you could spread the word about the programme so that
students across the country could check it out. For further details,
contact me <srini.it at gmail.com> or Prof C N Krishnan <cnkrish at au-kbc.org>
or Mr. Senthil Anand (senthils at au-kbc.org> at AU-KBC

I am sure FOSS community members will have many
queries/comments/suggestions regarding this programme and alternative modes
of drawing students into FOSS. We could discuss in the group mail or you
could catch me at my personal gmail id.

A half-day seminar is being organized at AU-KBC on 27th March (10.00 A.M to
1:00 P.M.). Those interested, especially in and around Chennai could attend
the same -- preferably pre-register by contacting AU-KBC.
[Since the Arts & Science Colleges in TN are closed, you could help out by
forwarding this mail to your acquaintances -- students/staff/alumni-mail
groups or give me the contact info so that I could reach out to them.]

thanks and best wishes

Dr. S. Srinivasan
Cell: 94443 02439

Shrini/Raman/Arun Khan/Shakthi/Dr. Gora/Mr. Mani:
would be grateful if  you could forward this msg to other LUG groups.
thanks, Srinivasan.
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