[PLUG] Save Poddery.com campaign - looking for interested people

Praveen A pravi.a at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 09:55:37 IST 2013


I hope you all know about diaspora project to create a decentralized social
network where users have privacy and control over their personal data. So
far we have got the code in pretty good shape (basic features like sharing
status, photos, hash tags and private messages are there). We still need to
add some features like groups, events, albums, native apps for mobile
phones etc to compete with the popular social networks there. Since there
is no business interest in such an idea we are depending on people like you
for everything (the project was started with direct financial contributions
from people around the world and it is still run from people's
contributions). The best contribution you can give is using it, because a
social network is meaningless without people using it. You could either
wait for your friends who may not care about privacy and freedoms to join
or you can start using it right now like so many people around the world
and make it compelling for your friends to join. You decide which is more
likely and more important to you.

So that was a brief introduction about the diaspora project. This mail is
in particular to introduce a new campaign we are starting to save an early
diaspora pod (a pod is a server running diaspora software) poddery.com its
current admin wants to stop running this service and a few of us from
diaspora community is coming out to keep this service running at
poddery.comwe are going to run a fund raising campaign to raise enough
funds to run it
for an year on a good vps. You can also join us and help us. Are you good
at promoting ideas? Can you write well? Are you a good designer? Can you
design posters? Can you design a website? Can you shoot video? Can you edit
video? Or simply can you share the news among your friends using any
methods available to you? If you are interested get in touch with us on
community mailing list at http://lists.fosscommunity.in we'll be meeting
tonight at 10pm on irc to discuss the plan. So drop in if you want to join
in or have some questions channel is #fosscommunity.in and server is
irc.freenode.net if you are new to irc, you can access it via your web
browser at http://webchat.freenode.net

Note 1: there are other ways to contribute too like packaging diaspora for
debian, fedora etc let me know if you are interested. We meet every Sunday
at 8pm on #debian-diaspora on irc.oftc.net for people new to irc, use

Note 2: if you are interested to contribute code directly, let me know too.
Diaspora is built on ruby on rails framework. If there is some interest, we
can organize workshops too.

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