[PLUG] Would stopping support for XP backfire on Microsoft?

Mandar Vaze / मंदार वझे mandarvaze at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 09:03:10 IST 2013

> One may suspect, Microsoft itself is throwing XP vulnerabilities in the
> open to intimidate users into buying its newer versions.

As a business they don't need to use any tactics.
They have declared end-of-sale/end-of-support quite some time ago, with
enough time for people to move to later versions of Windows.

> I am not a Windows user, though general perception is XP was one of the
> better versions of Windows so far. Threatening people like this is
> unlikely to do any good to their image as a vendor.

As a business - they have done nothing wrong. (The context being purely
end-of-sale/support for XP)
They didn't "pull the plug overnight" - They gave plenty of time for people
to switch.

> Is this a point, CIOs would be made to think about adopting FOSS systems
> in place of Windows - both in the server and desktop space?

I don't think so.
(For 3rd time) MS gave enough time for people to switch.
Big companies - will switch to Windows 7/8 for Desktop/laptop
Small(ish) companies will ALSO move to Windows 7/8 for Desktop/laptop - if
the cost is concern, there is always pirated versions (at least in
India/China ...)

>From my personal experience :
My Wife's office moved to Windows 8 around an year ago. None of them are
"technical" people but all of them require computer to Work. It is a CS
firm with around 20-30 users.
Initially people didn't like the interface (People always hate change) but
once the "non-metro style" interface was made the default - it is just like
XP interface - sure there are a few changes here and there, but nothing
fundamentally different. - people were OK using it.

To my surprise - my wife preferred Windows 8 machine @ office compared to
XP on her (old) laptop @ home :)
She says Windows 8 is "faster" (I can't be sure whether Windows 8 is
actually faster, or just "feels" that way)

On Server side - businesses have moved to Linux long time ago - except may
be MS Exchange - which is a "killer app" in enterprise space.


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